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    Tracking links in an email

      Is there a way to find out which link someone is clicking if the same link is posted in an email twice.  Do the links have to have different names even if they link to the same thing?  Just wondering because its something we would like to test and most often we include the same link twice in an email and would like to know which one is getting more clicks.

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          As you've discovered, Marketo uses tracks the actual end link, so if the link is posted more than once, it just tracks once.  But there's a solution for that.  Add a "#location" after each url, so Marketo will see them as different links.  For instance:

          - www.company.com/linkurl.html#top
          - www.company.com/linkurl.html#mid
          - www.company.com/linkurl.html#bottom

          This works because a #location right after the page name tells a browser to look for the anchor named #bottom (or #mid) in the page. If the anchor doesn't exist, the page is shown as normal.

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            Thanks Kelly!  I think I am going to use a different naming convention as I want to specify if someone clicks on an image as opposed to a text link, so I was going to use www.company.com/linkurl.html#image and www.company.com/linkurl.html#text

            This will be useful in our ab testing in the future.

            Thanks again.  Very helpful!
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              Hi Kelly,

              How would you report on which of the two links got the most clickthroughs?  I always have trouble deciding where the report should live. 

              Thanks again.
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                I have been clicking around and it looks like marketo does not have this technology yet, that it is on their roadmap.  Is this still the case?  I just want to know which link in the email is getting more clicks the image or the text link.


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                  CenturyLink, Inc. Marketo
                  Use the Email Link Performance report in Analytics.