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    Handling duplicate leads

      We have a big list of duplicated leads. Is there an easy way to do this manually without using the easy merge service? Or will i have to handle it the long way and select each duplicate and merge.
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          We've had the same problem and weren't able to find a way to do it without doing it manually or using a 3rd party service.

          I'd be interested in hearing the outcome of your hunt.

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            Charlie is right and we've dealt with similar issues.

            One reason there isn't a "merge all' option or something of that nature is because Marketo's lead merging system doesn't concatenate the data from the two leads. Instead, it forces you to pick one field and essentially erase the other. Marketo doesn't want to choose for you, because the two leads might both have bad and good info which makes imperative that someone does a spot check to make sure the right info is staying with the lead.

            Unfortunately you'll have to either do it manually, or if someone in your office has some handy Excel skills, that's another option.
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              Josh Hill
              You could use Demand Tools on the SFDC side...or hire an intern :)
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                Caleb, have you heard of or seen Excel work for this purpose? We have roughly 300K records and an Excel power user.