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Feb 2013 Release: Smart Lists Referring to Revenue Stage are Failing

Question asked by 8988fdf02d4d2e4a3cccda428e91f8635cf7b7f2 on Feb 11, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2013 by 17677
With the Feb 2013 release over the weekend, smart lists in campaigns that were referring to the "Lead Revenue Stage" field were automatically updated to refer to "Revenue Stage" instead. Unfortunately, all of these campaigns are now failing. I'm getting notifications saying "The Smart List contains an error so the campaign was stopped."

When I look at the smart list, there are no red squiggly lines indicating any problems. However, the campaign won't run.

If I delete the filter for Revenue Stage and recreat it, all works fine. I have also noticed that this filter has changed so that you can no longer refer to multiple stages. You have to use multiple filters to refer to each stage separately.

Marketo provided no hint in the release notes that this would be a problem. I just wanted to alert Marketo and other admins to this problem so you can go in and fix your smart lists.