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    Email template with remote content

      Dear all,

      I'd like to include some *really* dynamic content in my e-mail templates. 

      What I mean is that for each specific e-mail recipient, I'd like to put some specific picture (that would represent a graph with their latest activity), some specific statistics about their activity in the last x days, etc.

      What I could do is implement some type of REST service that would be able to provide that information, but then, how can I "pull" that information within the template?

      For pictures, I'd imagine I could simply use a href= pointing to some sophisticated hidden URLs that would contain the SFDC id but for other items (text, numbers, etc.) how could i do that?

      Thanks for sharing your ideas. Cheers,

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          Cecile Maindron

          please find here a discussion on how to have a unique visual per recipient.
          if you have a tool that can put together the info you collected on a lead to create a visual with a static url.
          you could create a custom field and populate it with those unique urls. you can then add a token in your picture properties that calls this custom field.

          Cécile @ Talend
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            Bonjour Cécile,

            Thanks for the suggestion. But we are trying to find a solution that would be more dynamic i.e. we want Marketo to perform a remote call for each of those e-mail to a remote system i.e. we want marketo to PULL information and not have us PUSH data into Marketo fields beforehand as the marketing team could be initiating an e-mail campaign at any point in time (and so would end up relying on "old" data). 

            However, I just realized that a few days ago, "WebHooks" were introduced: https://community.marketo.com/MarketoArticle?id=kA050000000L8wi

            They might be a step in the right direction if we can make sure to find a way to trigger a webhook call for every person that is about to receive an e-mail - that's the trigger part I am still unclear about i.e. how to do it for a LIST of leads and not just for a unique lead (since the e-mail blast will be sent to a list, not just to a unique lead)