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    Old info populating form once forwarded

      Hey guys...

      Situation: I receivean email... click on a link to a LP... fill out a form. I then decide to forward that email to a friend (either through a simple forward, or Forward to a Friend link). They receive the email, click on the link to the LP, and.... the form they see continues to have my information pre-populating it (rather than them seeing a blank form, fresh for them to fill-out)

      Question: Is there a way to avoid this? I get why I would continue to see it filled out that way on my computer but, in this case, It's a new person, viewing on a different computer. Is there a way for me to build things so that someone's info doesn't stick to that form after they forward it to a new person?

      Obviously, the data pre-populated isn't the end of the world (the form itself still works if the new recipient deletes the pre-populated info and replaces it with their own.) And, the info they'd be seeing is that of someone they probably know - because it would presumably be the person who just forwarded the email to them... so again, probably not awful but, not elegant either... not to mention inadvertently sharing whatever personal info they submit on the form. (Maybe we should stop asking those super personal questions on registration forms? ...kidding.)

      - Jen
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          The "Forward to a Friend" functionality outlined in https://community.marketo.com/MarketoArticle?id=kA050000000L8IBCA0
          *should* strip out the forwarder's info when the forwarded email is clicked. That assumes people will actually click that special link versus their much more prominently visible "forward' button in their email client.
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            Thanks Jeff. Alas, we tested both the "FTF" Marketo feature and the simple "forward" button in Outlook and... both seemed to keep the form data - the form wasn't wiped clean. Peculiar. While the information populated will be that of someone you know (the person who forwarded it to you), it'd be great if we could keep that from happening as it shows us sharing others' information - never a good thing.
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              If you have the forward to a friend token as your Forward to a Friend link and the person clicks on that link, the form will not pre-populate with the old data.  However, if you click the outlook forward we can't control this and therefore the old data will show.
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                Thanks Cheryl!

                Just re-tested on someone new in the office, and it seemed to populate their info (not mine), so looks good there. Not sure why our test last week didn't work? Alas, will keep our eye on it and see if we see anything peculiar that raises a question! - Jen
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                  So to confirm, the Forward to a Friend functionality in Marketo  *does* work as intended? I need to implement it at my new company and was concerned when I heard it wasn't working for you Jen.
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                    I have also tested this again to make sure there was no regression and it is working as designed.
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                      Hey Jeff... I suppose it does! I definitely saw my information on a form, on a co-workers computer. But, I don't have screen shots of that... Seems like Cheryl has done some add'l testing on her end, and all looks fine so, let's go with that conclusion! I'll try to do some add'l testing here today, and if anything odd occurs, I'll add on an additional comment here. Otherwise, go forth and forward! :)

                      Thanks guys! - Jen
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                        To confirm: I just tested it on a few folks in our office who weren't in our database (and one who is, just for good measure!)... the Forward to a Friend link worked just fine - no issues with form data. Sorry for any confusion... not sure why it looked that way earlier but, all seems resolved on that detail!

                        However, as mentioned earlier, when you forward an email simply by hitting "forward" in your email system (rather than in the MKTO email itself), when the person receives that email, and clicks away to the landing page, the form on that landing page hangs on to the first person's info. Are there any clever work-arounds, that would refresh that page for the new viewer/computer, stripping it of the form data so it's empty for the new recipient? Perhaps not, but if someone has a solution for that, I'd be eager to give it a try.

                        Thanks! - Jen