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Wait Step in Time Range, not Must End On

Question asked by b093267ccb31642285b8e148cfd72578ecc48a58 on Oct 17, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2013 by 1856838dfc96cca108f28566cfadbecc5c55ac92
Help I'm stuck!  I'm building an email alert system for our SDR team that must work immediately but only within business hours: M-F 8-6.  Not end at a specific time M-F like the "Must End On" advanced feature for Wait step. 

  1.           Lead is MQL time stamped => lead is assigned and alert is sent immediately regardless of working hours (that's easy)
  2.           If no activity has been logged or a lead status changed within 1 hour, reassign to another rep only during business hours
I don't want it to wait until the next day at a specific time like the "Must End On" feature (unless I've misunderstood that faeture). I want it to work every business day within a time range, that's it. 

Any ideas?