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    What software do you use for your whole content marketing planning and coordination?

      I'm currently looking for a SaaS solution for planning and coordinating the whole content marketing of our company. Likes of Kapost and Compendium are a bit overkill (both features and price), while simpler project management solutions (Basecamp etc.) fall a bit short as they were not designed for this kind of work. Also tried DivvyHQ, but I felt it's still in the early stages of its development.

      Can anyone recommend a good solution? Most important features:
      •   Possible to coordinate all workflows of all content marketing efforts
      •   Assign tasks to contributors
      •   Editorial calendar with drag&drop features
      •   Reasonably priced
      Integrations with MKTO, SFDC, Wordpress and social media channels would be neato, but not essential.