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Add Forms 1.0 to 2.0 Migration / Conversion Capability

Question asked by 1856838dfc96cca108f28566cfadbecc5c55ac92 on Jan 29, 2014
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First off, I love forms 2.0, however there are some issues around migrating older forms to the newer forms. The request is for a forms 1.0 to 2.0 conversion process.

There is currently no 1.0 to 2.0 forms migration path. Any 2.0  form must be built from scratch. This can pose issues for any company that makes forms the foundation of all its programs. I've had communications with product management  about this but any migration was cut from the first release of Forms 2.0. If enough people vote, that might adjust priority for a second release.

Here are a few thoughts along with a possible solution for migrating to forms 2.0. Would love to get thoughts and workarounds from others.

Use Case: The Issues with Switching out a Marketo 1.0 Form with a 2.0 Form
     Forms are the foundation of everything done in Marketo (at least the way I set things up). All programs, campaigns, etc leverage forms. If done right, customers have 5-20 global forms across hundreds of pages. How can a customer easily rollout forms 2.0 capabilities in an efficient manner? As currently constructed, here's what would have to happen which would require an entire revamp of a customer's instance. #4 is the big item.
  1.           Create the new form (like Whitepaper 2.0 form) - Not too hard.
  2.           Go into each landing page, swap out the form and point to previous thank you page. - Time consuming but not too hard.
  3.           Approve each landing page.  Time consuming but not too hard.
  4.           Figure out every scoring, progression, autoresponse, smartlist and other campaigns that uses Filled/Fills out Form - Very hard as this requires going into many trigger campaign Smartlists and potentially into flow steps. The possibility for introducing issues is significant.
Possible Solution - Swapping a 1.0 form for a 2.0 Form
     Keep in mind this is only an idea to get the creative process going. I'm sure there are technical issues but the concept would save companies hours/days of time while cutting down support calls
The idea: If you can't edit a 1.0 form with the 2.0 editor, what about replacing a 1.0 form with a 2.0 form?  The 2.0 form could function so:
  •            Most importantly, take the name/ID of the older form to elimate issue #4 above? See below for an example
  •           The new page takes on the same followup page properties as the 1.0 form. 
Streamlined workflow
     1. Create the new form (like Whitepaper 2.0 form) - Not too hard.
     2. Go to existing 1.0 forms and click on new "Replace with Form" which gives user the ability to choose a new 2.0 form. If selected...
           1. The 2.0 form replaces the existing 1.0 form in all pages it's on along with pointing to the the same followup page. There would have to be some logic around the new multipage thank you functionality.
           2. The 1.0 form goes into some archive or resaved as a backup in case its needed again.
           3. Approve each landing page with the new form. The important piece is all workflows can stay in tact so users don't have to edit.

Concept Idea for 1.0 to 2.0 Form Conversions