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    Email Report - Leads with Activities

      I am looking for a way to find a report that will let me see each particular lead/contact that I sent an email to, and also include columns like number of opens, number of clicks relative to that particular email.  I cannot seem to find this anywhere.  

      Any ideas?
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          Hi John,

          You can definitely find both of those things in Marketo--but unfortunately I don't think there's an easy way to see them in the same place.

          To see the leads that you've sent an email to, you can create a smart list with a filter "Was Sent Email", and then select the name you want to view results for.

          To view email performance (overall opens, clicks, etc.), you can go to the Analytics tab. You should find a standard report called "Email Performance" that probably came out of the box with your Marketo installation. You may need to adjust the date range for the report, but you should be able to see individual email performance for any email that you've sent.

          If you don't see that report, you can always build one. Just create a new report of type email performance.
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            Thanks Kate.  I was really looking for something like this:

            Name | Email Address | Date Sent | Number of Opens | Number of Clicks | Unsubscribed | Etc.

            I know it was available in my old marketing automation system, so I thought it has to exist here somewhere as well.

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              I would look at using one of the "leads by" report types and bring in the activity data as custom columns based on Smartlists you build...Note that this will be a one-to-one report...If you are trying to look at the performance of an asset I would look to Marketo new metric Engagment Score to help you there...