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    Is Anyone Synching Custom Objects to a Lead Record NOT through a CRM?

      I'm looking to create custom object records associated to a lead, but through an external system that does not go through the CRM.  Does anyone have experience on this?

      I've read through the Marketo Object Model documentation and it seems like it should be pretty straight forward.  I know that Marketo also talks about how you can integrate with 3rd party databases, so I know it can be done.  I just want to see if anyone has stories on "gotchas" and setup best practices.

      Thanks in advance!

      Custom Objects
           A Marketo custom object allows for the creation of a one-to-many relationship between your Marketo Leads and the custom object records. When the Marketo custom object is successfully provisioned in your account, you can:


                       Create/Read/Update/Delete records in the custom object via Marketo SOAP API


                       Use smart list trigger when new records are added to the custom object


                       Use the custom object data as a filter in smart lists (segmentation)


                       Use the custom object data in emails using [Marketo email scripting]


           Related SOAP APIs: getCustomObjectssyncCustomObjectsdeleteCustomObjects