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    Sending out monthly community newsletter - a few general questions

    Vlada Prasolova
      We are doing community newsletter every months
      we've always did it using MailChimp and currently trying to migrate it to Marketo
      therefore, i have a few general questions about email marketing rutines:

      1. Does Marketo provide an ability to deliver customized mobile edition?
      Creation of tail for URL tracking. Is there a way to customize email URL to make it short and nice-looking (like - community-newsletter-december2013)
      3. test preview in other OS/browsers. MailChimp uses Litmus for this. did not find any information about whether Marketo has something of the sort
      4. Posting issue to the web and maintaining and archive. Is it done automatically, or do i need to do anything specific to be able to post my email as web issue (on FB, for example) and keep an archive for people who want to read previous issues? Where these archives are kept?
      that's how it's done with MailChimp http://www.jetbrains.com/newsletter/
      5. Can i regularly check most popular mail clients, countries inside my email? Or just regular email performance report?
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          I'm also interested in learning where I can get this information in Marketo. We're migrating from Eloqua and it has the deliverabiltiy reporting as well as how the email renders in different email clients and a spam report. Granted it's a set amount that you can do in a month, and it's not something I use all the time. But I do use it on occasion especially when I'm revising my templates.
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            Hi Vlada, here are some answers based on my experience:
            1.           Yes, you can build responsive templates in Marketo. You'll need some coding knowledge to do that, there's no drag and drop interface for customizing a mobile edition.
            2.           You can always tag your URLs using something like Google tracking, but unfortunately Marketo won't do that for you automatically like MailChimp does.
            3.           Marketo doesn't offer that functionality, but you can open a separate Litmus account and embed their tracking code or pixel in your template. You'll be able to get a readout of that information within Litmus.
            4.           You can include a view as web page link in your email, and I believe you can use that page as an archive. You'll probably want to make sure it's just a general link and not associated with any particular lead's tracking token.
            5.           Again, you'd probably want to use Litmus instead for that information.
            Hope that helps!