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    Marketo Forms

      Hi there,
      Just wanted to know if anyone has used a Marketo form on a third party website? If so, how successful was it? Any feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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          Suresh Kumar Perumal
          Hey Natali,

          We are using Marketo form across our website which is built  on "WordPress". It is simply solving our purpose in all aspects(Lead Tracking , Auto responder, etc)..

          Our website Reference URL: http://research.regalix.com/

          Do let me know if you need any additional info.

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            Hi Natali,

            you have two ways to achieve this:

            1. put a marketo form on a non-marketo website
            2. put a marketo form on a non-marketo websit using iFrame page

            I prefered the second one, only need few changes. also you can choose the first way to do it.

            Any problem let me know,
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              Alok Ramsisaria
              We have implemented the Marketo forms on our website in a different way; - when a new user arrives at website, a form will be shown to him, followed by the submission form and finally the download link. Next time (the user is not new anymore) when we read the cookie through SOAP API then it will directly shows the user first name and download link instead of form. This approach is working fine for us.