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    Lachlan Maule
      Hi, I am new to the community and while I really like the idea and design, I am finding it very buggy. I am using the latest version of Google Chrome and when I try and update my profile, most of the fields I fill out do not save. When I try to upload a profile image, the screen I get does not have 'apply changes' or 'cancel' buttons (see image below). Is there a better browser perhaps that works well with Marketo?

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          I use Chrome 32.0.1700.102 for all tasks at Marketo and personal open source projects.
          It is more reliable and stable than Firefox, my secondary choice. 

          I believe the problem you are reporting is unrelated to the browser itself or the Community otherwise there would be few or no profile pictures. I just downloaded and re-uploaded mine. 

          Are you trying to upload JPG, GIF or PNG under 1 MB file size? If so, I would suggest logging out, clearing cache and cookies before retrying.