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    problems with GoToWebinar integration / program status

           I'm using GoToWebinar to host a webinar and the pre-built Program Status rules are not working.

           First, I sent an invitation campaign to 41 people and marked them Program Status > "Webinar - Invited". Seems to be working fine.

           Then, if they fill out a form on a landing page, I mark them as Program Status > "Webinar - Registered". Seems good, too.

           What I'd like to do next is to send a reminder email to those who have not registerd. So I create a filter that targets people with "New Status > Is NOT >>>> Webinar > Registered"


           Unfortunately, the filter does not work and the email is still targeted at the original 41 people, even though 5 have already signed up.

           What could the issue be?

           I synced the system with GoToWebinar (Event Actions > Refresh from Webinar Provider) but that didn't work.