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    RingCentral is hiring a Marketing Automation Manager in San Mateo, Ca

      If interested please direct inquires to henry.baity@ringcentral.com. See below for description of job.

      The Marketing Automation Manager will drive the implementation and execution of marketing automation technology per the established project plans. Working closely with third party vendors and the RingCentral Business Services and Sales teams, the Marketing Automation Manager will project manage, test, deploy, and optimize RingCentral’s lead machine.  The three main areas of focus will be:
      ·         Systems Configuration – Marketo, Salesforce, Website, and Tableau
      ·         Data Management – Segmentation, analysis, list and lead inputs
      ·         Campaigns and Leads – Workflows, routing, reporting
      Job Description
      ·         Manage and scope all new system enhancements to the marketing automation infrastructure for external vendors and/or internal development teams to implement.
      ·         Document existing lead processes and implement improvements to enhance marketing and sales productivity.
      ·         Outline workflow processes to increase the efficiency of the lead flow and lifecycle
      ·         Continuously analyze, refine and optimize lead scoring matrix
      ·         Develop and update Data Model, Field Mapping, and Field Definition documentation for all objects in Marketo.
      ·         Help set and enforce data standards and requirements (internally and via 3rd party systems/vendors).
      ·         Create a marketing analytics dashboard that is used to continuously refine and improve our lead-generation efforts
      ·         Lead initiatives to evaluate data optimization and use between different systems in the Marketing ecosystem.
      ·         Develop and maintain import templates for file-based data loads into Marketo.
      ·         Ensure consistent data flow and reporting between Marketo and other integrated systems.
      ·         Ongoing data monitoring, hygiene, and cleanup activities.
      ·         Monitor, test, and report on the effectiveness of all lead nurture pathways.
      •           Three to five years of experience using marketing automation tools such as Eloqua, Unica, Marketo, Alterian, Aprimo, Pardot, HubSpot, SIlverpop and Manticore
      •           Proficient with CRM software (SalesForce.com)
      •           Database management (segmentation, reporting and maintenance)
      •           Email Marketing (best practices, A/B testing)
      •           List acquisition and import
      •           Data analysis, reporting and business intelligence
      •           Visio and lead-nurturing flow diagrams
      •           Experience with database queries/reporting tools