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Sync to Salesforce Best Practice

Question asked by 12775 on Jan 2, 2013
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Hi everyone-

I'm wondering about the best practice for syncing leads to salesforce across multiple campaigns. Currently we have a single campaign that looks at all new created leads and based on some basic criteria in a smart list, pushes leads to SFDC using a simple flow. 
My question is this: should we be doing this on a per-campaign level as opposed to having a master "Sync to SFDC" campaign? I can imagine the logic within this single campaign getting very complex. Also, I'm wondering if some camapaigns take precedence over others. For example, if I exclude leads from syncing to SFDC in the master "Sync to SFDC" campaign based on smart list criteria, does that prevent those leads from EVER syncing, even if I set up another campaign to explicity sync those leads?

Thanks a ton,
Alan McCarty