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    Syncing Marketo and SFDC campaigns

      Hi All,

      Is there a way to push to SFDC only members that have attended a webinar or registered but did not show, rather than all members (including those that were invited)? The webinar is hosted by another company so we can’t do the WebEx/Marketo sync.

      Similarly, for email campaigns, can we push only those who clicked & downloaded?

      It seems all campaign members are being pushed to the SFDC campaign taking a lot of space & "cluttering" the campaign.

      Thank you!
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          Any program member with a status will sync to the SFDC campaign if you are using the program sync. You could use the add to SFDC campaign flow action instead and only sync after the status is turned to attended etc.  You will need to set up the status in the campaign ahead of time as this flow action behaves differently than the program sync.
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            Amber Hobson
            We also do it by simply not creating a step to change the status in a progression if we don't want it to sync. For instance, most campaigns we have a step so that when someone opens our email, it updates the status to show as open. But we have a few where we don't care if they open, only if they take the next step and click. For those, we don't set up the campaign that changes the status to open. The first campaign that we have for changing a status is if they click the link. This saves us from having the people that only opened it sent to Salesforce.