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    How does the use of forms affect program acquisition

    Mark Farnell
      I read elsewhere in the forum that for programs using forms, program acquisition is only set automatically by local forms, not global forms.  Is this true?

      My use case is for webinars - we use the same form for most webinars so we use a global form.  However, this now means I need to set up a camapign to update acquisition on the local program.. Not really a big deal since it can be cloned for each new webinar.  Alternatively I need to create a local form, also not such a big deal since this can also be cloned, however wouldn't I then have to update the landing page with the new local form, or would this update automatically?

      Both seem to be fairly simple solutions that achieve the same goal, any recommendations out there?
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          Hi Mark,

          You could create one standard webinar program - which includes the assets (e-mails, landing pages, forms) and the campaign steps. You can use this as a master program which you can clone over and over again.

          When you create a form as an asset specifically to a campaign and embed it in a landing page, it will also be cloned, you don't need to change it.

          So the only thing you need to do is adjust the e-mails and landing pages with the webinar info and you are ready to go.

          Doing so will save you a lot of time, ensures everyone in your team uses the same set up of a 'webinar program' and gives you the option to tweek each webinar program to your needs (example, you could easily add or remove a form field for one webinar, without impacting other running webinar programs = which is the case if you use a 'global / universal' form).

          Hope this answers your question.
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            Josh Hill
            Jonas has a good setup with the Webinar Program Template. The use of a local Form here could be just fine.

            Generally I recommend a set of 5-7 standard Forms that live in Design Studio and ensure consistency in form data quality and workflow. Yes, you will have to be explicit in your campaigns that Fills Out Form makes someone a Program Member. I find that helps me with troubleshooting and understanding exactly what I want to have happen.

            The big problem I encounter with local Forms is that untrained team members will create forms that don't work with the established data quality procedures. So just be careful if you go down that route, even with a Program Template.
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              I think there are two different things at play here. Program Status & Program Acquisition. I agree with Josh that you'll need to update Program Statuses when someone fills out a form. i don't believe that global forms prevent acquisition. I'd really like for you to go to a Marketo Landing page, empty your cookies, fill out the form with a fake address, and then see if you were acquired by that program. i really don't think this works the way you suggest it does. We had global forms at my last company and didn't have a problem with Acquisition.
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                Mark Farnell
                Thank you for all your comments.  We do already use a templated campaign that we clone for multiple use, also with tokens to update emails/pages easily and we update the status as required when forms are filled out etc.  The key interest here was around global vs. local forms which still seems a little unclear - I might get a chance to test Adam's idea one day.  However for webinars I like the route of using a local form that can be updated if needed for a specific campaign.