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Form Submission Data

Question asked by 25766 on Dec 17, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2013 by 8442
I'm trying to access the data that is sent to forms. I've seen multiple threads with the smart list solution (filled out form), but this won't work if you're looking for multiple submissions by the same lead or if your lead data can be edited by any other source besides that one form.

We have several forms, salesforce, smart campaigns, and drips that may edit lead data. I want to see every form submission done by a certain lead so I can determine what kind of experience the lead had before purchasing from us. Currently, I can only see the most recent data.

Is there any solution to this? Interesting moments is the closest thing I've found, but there are many fields on the form I'd like to track and creating a different interesting moment for each permutation would get unmanageable very quickly.