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    Send Marketo Email in Salesforce

      Is there still an option for our reps to send Marketo emails to their list of leads in Salesforce? I was trying to show a rep how to do this last week and the option wasn't there any more. Did the button move or this option not available any longer? He only had the option to send an email to each individual lead and not to his whole list of leads.
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          Hi Kelly,

          As a sales person, I am using Salesforce to send Marketo emails to my leads. Believe, it depends on how the synch is established between Marketo and Salesforce.
          If you click on an individual lead in Salesforce, and scroll down you can see the Marketing Sales Insight, from where you can take action to send the marketo email. 

          Hope this info is useful to you.


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            Hi Vaishali, yes that is the only option i see right now for reps to send Marketo emails. There used to be an option after clicking the leads tab at the top, followed by their lead list - Send Marketo email at the top of the screen. Do you ever mass email your prospects? It's very inconvenient that they can only send to 1 lead at a time right now.
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              After clicking leads make sure you click GO to choose a list view.

              That button is configured* in SFDC by going to
              Setup -customize- Leads - Search layouts
              Click edit beside Leads List View, then you should see a section for custom button.
              The Marketo buttons should be in the Selected box if you wish to use the. 

              *SFDC Admin perms may ne required