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    SFDC trigger Activity Was Updated

      Regarding the SFDC trigger “Activity Was Updated”, I am assuming that this Trigger looks at ANY update to a SFDC Task as long the Task fits the criteria I am defining in the Trigger (which is Subject is: “XX” and Constraint –Status is “Completed” ).

      So for example, it is going to fire if the Task Subject is XX, Constraint –Status is “Completed” and say, the Description area of the Task is updated.  Is this correct?

      Ideally, I’d like the trigger to fire only when the Task is updated to “Completed”, but my assumption is that this is not how the trigger functions.  I’d like to know for certain though. 
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           Hi Brook,

          From what I just tested and from my experience with this trigger in the past, your understanding is correct. The trigger constraints are defining what kinds of activities will fire the trigger if there is ANY update, not what kind of update it needs to be.

          The trigger will always fire if the activity meets the criteria and any part of it is updated.