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Marketo tracking post Gmail update

Question asked by 6357f3a04364832072311e2aee6a693fc2975a99 on Dec 16, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2013 by 6357f3a04364832072311e2aee6a693fc2975a99
Thankfully we are still receiving emails from our old email client, otherwise this wouldnt have been brought to my attention. 

It appears as though, google have changed how they display images in gmail. Before google would make a request for an image everytime an email was opened, but now they are temporarily store those images. As most of you may know this is how most ESP's track how our leads open emails.

So where does this leave Marketo's minimal tracking service? Are our open figures as accurate as Marketo wants us to believe? Going by other ESP's, they seem to be alot more open about the stating the fact that their open rates may not be as accurate anymore, especially via Gmail and gmail supported addresses.

Would be good to get some insight into this issue, at least to the same level as the other ESP's. Not so much as an update from Marketo

Barry (insert angry face)