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    Leads placed in AdRoll program upon submitting unsubscribe

      Recently, I began an AdRoll program in Marketo with the smart campaigns below:

      Smart Campaign #1: Clicks
      Visits Web Page (web page: is any; querystring: contains: source=ppc_ar) *trigger
      Is Anonymous: false *filter

      Smart Campaign #2: Fills Out Form
      Fills Out Form (form name: is any; querystring: contains: source=ppc_ar) *trigger
      Member of Smart Campaign: lead in [the smart campaign above] *filter

      The issue that I am running into is that leads are being added to the second smart campaign without reason. Upon investigating, several have been added to the campaign upon submitting our unsubscribe form.

      I have checked everything I can think of (campaign inspector, querystring, unsubscribe form, unsubscribe landing page). Perhaps this logic is faulty? If you have any suggestions as to why the above campaigns would result in unsubscriptions being added to the program, please let me know! Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


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          Hi Jackie,

          If a lead actually did come in through your AdRoll campaign, and later went on to unsubscribe, they would meet the criteria for smart campaign #2, wouldn't they? 

          When you use the filter form name: is any, that includes the unsubscribe form. Maybe in the interim, you should exclude that form or add another filter into your smart list so that unsubscribed = false. That way those that have unsubscribed will no longer meet campaign #2's criteria.
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            Thanks, Kate! I don't know why I didn't think of that before. I will definitely add the form is not "unsubscribe" in the interim.

            Additionally, do you know if the "querystring is" (when added as a constraint) will pull in anyone that fills out the form and at any point in time contained that querystring, or if the lead has to be on a landing page with that querystring in the url at the time of form fill-out?