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    Importing List - Webinar Campaign Status

           I am importing a list of leads from a live webinar in SalesForce using Marketo. This webinar was hosted by a 3rd-party, so I could not automatically funnel these leads into my SalesForce campaign from my Marketo Program. I used 'SFDC Campaign Status' is 'Responded' to indicate that a lead has attended the event. Is there another status I can use to indicate that someone registered, but did not attend (e.g., 'Registered').

           Thank you for your help.




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          Hey Mary,

          Depending on what Channel your Webinar Program is (I'm assuming you used the out-of-the box Webinar channel), you can select the Leads who registered and not attended -> right click -> Programs -> Change Program Status -> "Webinar > Registered"

          As long as you have the Mkto Program synced with the SFDC Campaign, the status should change in SFDC to "Registered".