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    Can't I set up a smart campaign to send an email to a lead after they fill out a form?

      I'm certain this is possible, but I'm having a very difficult time getting it set up.

      Here's how my program is set up:
      •           Lead gets email
      •           Lead clicks on link in email to go to landing page
      •           Lead fills out form
      •           Alert is sent to us notifying us form has been completed (This part has been successful...I get the alert just fine)
      •           Email is sent to lead thanking them for filling out the form (This is the part that is broken...in testing, I'm not getting the "thank you" email)
      In my smart campaign, I've got:
      •           Smart List: Fills Out Form is: (form is selected)
      •           Flow:  Send Email (thank you email is selected)
      •           Schedule: Each lead can run through flow once (and it's activated)

      Any suggestions on getting this fixed?