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    Access to Web page for Limited Time

      Here's the scoop:

      We have some information on a certain web page that if possible, we would like to make available to certian people for a certian period of time, or a certain number of viewings. Once they have met the time or viewing threshold, they would no longer have access to the pages. Basically we are trying to limit information going out to a larger number of people who shouldn't have access to it.

      Any ideas would be appreciated!
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          I haven't tried this- but If you landing was based on a segmentation (based the lead being of list your eamiling)- see the content that you are trying to keep on the dl..

          But also have a trigger that is set up - if lead visits page x number of times remove from list. (so they wont be a part of that segment again)

          Additionally at the time when you don't want this to be accessed by anyone, go back into the landing page and change and remove the segmentation so it will still take them to a landing page. This way would only work for people who you have emaild this to.. on the other hand you could have the default be the secret content, and add them to a list if they viewed over x number of times that would add them to a list and change what they see. 

          Does this help or make sense? 

          I look forward to hearing how this plays out!