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MT question - Program Opportunity Analysis

Question asked by 4111889947d69a666176a442e921cd37590ba178 on Dec 20, 2013
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Hi there - I have a few questions surrounding some of the MT (Multi-Touch Attribution) measures on the Program Opportunity Analysis report. I have my report broken down like this:

Cost Year -- Program Channel -- Opportunity Stage -- with the following measures:
# of Opportunities Associated with Program
(MT) Cost of Opportunity
(MT) Pipeline Created
(MT) Revenue Won
(MT) Pipeline Created - Still Open

I am still getting familiar with the definitions of some of the measures and want to be sure I understand the math correctly.

Here is an example of what I'm looking at for a particular opportunity stage:
# of Opportunities Associated with Program: 13
(MT) Cost of Opportunity: $7,325
(MT) Pipeline Created: $12,240
(MT) Revenue Won: $102,286
(MT) Pipeline Created - Still Open: $0

So, is the MT Cost of Opportunity a "total" for the 13 opps? Or is it a "per" cost - like $7,325 per each 13 opps? (I'm hoping not!). Next, Revenue Won and Pipeline Created Still Open equal Pipeline Created when added together? They don't obviously here. So, I'm curious as to how the math works or how that calculation is made to come up with these three factors. I have read the definitions but wondered if someone could help me dive further into this understanding. Thank you!!