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    Receiving 2 Emails from 1 Form


           I am recieving two alert emails after a lead fills out a form.  My smart campaign is setup, so the lead can only fill out the form once. 

           Does anyone have any suggestions as to why I am receiving two alert emails after a lead fills out a single form?



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          Is the email duplicated in the alert box? (IE is it sending to you and the account owner?) or is just one of them selected? 

          Also is the form being used anywhere else? You could also specify the exact landing page if so.
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            Michelle Tiziani
            Hi Katie,

            Kristen beat me to it, I've done exactly what she mentioned above which caused me to receive the email.  The alert campaign that I set up has the lead owner (me) and the send the alert to: with my email address.  If that's the case, change the send to: (none) if the lead owner is selected, if you don't want the lead owner to receive the email. 

            If the form you're using is on a couple of landing pages, but if you don't specify in your smart campaign that delivers the alert email which landing page, you'll get a couple of alert emails for sure for the form fill.  So do:
            fills out form: the form name, add a constraint by naming the specific landing page for which you want to receive an alert from.