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    Company Reports - What is a "Lead"

      I developed a "company" report that filters for anonymous =  "true".   When I look at the report, I see a column that is labeled "Leads".   What is a lead in this case?   Is it an anonymous lead (meaning a specific IP address registered to that company) or is marketo looking at all the know lead records and telling me how many contain the company name that is coming up in the reporting.   (which would be pretty cool).
      Thanks all
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          Josh Hill
          If you ask Marketo to pull Anonymous = True leads, it will only give you the count for the Anonymous leads - people who never provided an email address, so all Marketo knows is they were on the site because they were assigned a cookie and Marketo ID #.

          So in this case, the Company Web Report will show the count of Anonymous leads that are associated with a Company IP/reverse lookup. Keep in mind you'll have a bunch of Comcast or ATT users.
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                 Thanks josh, that helps.

                 Related question........Is there a way to tell which leads converted from Anonymous to known amd the dates they converted?  I thought I might be able to create a smart list and that there would be some type of filter that was "converted from anonymous to known", but there is nothing there like that.