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    Best practices to report on campaigns in CRM

    Cecile Maindron

      I'm looking for your best practices regarding following topic. Our marketing op team is working on improving the reporting in our CRM (NetSuite). They have created a portlet to show results per campaign (how many of the engaged leads have converted to MQLs, SALs, Opportunities). We don't see results for our SEM campaigns, our website, social media because we haven't created engaged campaigns/programs in Marketo. Basically to report on results in Marketo we were using Lead Source etc. My question is: are you creating a dedicated program/campaign for every single lead source for your reporting?

      Cécile @ Talend
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          Delinda Tinkey
          I have worked in an organization where we created a program/SFDC campaign for every channel, including Web - Direct and Web - Natural search. I can't say that this is a best practice for everyone because it did take some effort to build and maintain all of those programs. However, the reporting payoffs were huge.
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            Obviously not all organic, paid, and social traffic is related to campaigns you are running. So you must create programs for these to tag the attribution. Else the first touch attribution would be awarded to the second campaign someone is in (e.g. a newsletter). So I created programs for all these let's call it structural campaigns that are always there. This is mostly done with a single trigger in the program. That trigger makes someone member of the program if the referral url partly matches linkedin.com or Google for example.