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    Email Missing from GetLead - SOAP API

    Fab Capodicasa
      Does anyone have an idea why the SOAP API would not return the email in it's response to GetLead (by cookie)?

      Every other field comes back fine, but Email is missing.

      Here is example output from a GetLead call via PHP:

      $records Array [17]
      0 stdClass
      attrName AnonymousIP
      attrType string
      1 stdClass
      attrName FirstName
      attrType string
      attrValue fab
      2 stdClass
      attrName InferredCompany
      attrType string
      attrValue Telstra Internet
      3 stdClass
      attrName InferredCountry
      attrType string
      attrValue Australia
      4 stdClass
      attrName Medic_Check_URL
      attrType string
      attrValue http://www.leadmechanics.com.au/
      5 stdClass
      attrName Medic_CNAME2_Status
      attrType string
      attrValue Marketo email CNAMEs found: go.leadmechanics.com.au->mkto-ab010099.com (leadmechanics.com.au)
      6 stdClass
      attrName Medic_CNAME2_Valid
      attrType boolean
      attrValue 1
      7 stdClass
      attrName Medic_CNAME_Status
      attrType string
      attrValue Marketo landing page CNAMEs found: info.leadmechanics.com.au->earlydays.mktoweb.com (leadmechanics.com.au)
      8 stdClass
      attrName Medic_CNAME_Valid
      attrType boolean
      attrValue 1
      9 stdClass
      attrName Medic_DKIM_Status
      attrType string
      attrValue DKIM exists (leadmechanics.com.au)
      10 stdClass
      attrName Medic_DKIM_Valid
      attrType boolean
      attrValue 1
      11 stdClass
      attrName Medic_Score
      attrType integer
      attrValue 50
      12 stdClass
      attrName Medic_SPF_Status
      attrType string
      attrValue SPF exists (leadmechanics.com.au->v=spf1 include:_spf.google.com include:mktomail.com ~all)
      13 stdClass
      attrName Medic_SPF_Valid
      attrType boolean
      attrValue 1
      14 stdClass
      attrName Medic_Tracking_Status
      attrType string
      attrValue No Marketo tracking found
      15 stdClass
      attrName Title
      attrType string
      attrValue diirector
      16 stdClass
      attrName Website
      attrType url
      attrValue hooshmarketing.com