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Dealing with soap api for new task, php example code doesnt work for me.

Question asked by 67254 on Aug 31, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2014 by 53504

Can someone please let me know if the php example on

actually works ?

I can use other demo code, but apparently thats the one I need (am trying to access a custom field value via a Marketo Lead ID and was informed this was the function I was supposed to use ) to get the job done for a new task I'm doing.

It doesnt error out or actually respond at all. browser just stays on "connecting" the whole time.

The only things in the code I've changed are the

$marketoSoapEndPoint     = "";  // CHANGE ME
$marketoUserId           = "";  // CHANGE ME
$marketoSecretKey        = "";  // CHANGE ME

and again on other example code pages its fine, just not this one. Is the code operational for anyone else ? do I need to use different values ? This is a blocker and I'm having trouble identifying the issue when the system just plain doesnt respond.