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      I know this may seem like a silly questions, but I have always been under the impression that there is no off switch with Marketo. But now that I have access to the Communication Limits Feature, couldn't I just set communication limit to 0 emails in 1 week if i wanted to make sure no one would get emailed for a week? Just wanted to know if anyone has done this becuase it would be too easy  of a solution for me - all of my smart campaigns are set up to listen to the set communication limits.


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          Josh Hill

          That sounds like that would work if you wanted to block all emails for a week - so you're blocking this during the holidays?
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            Hi Josh,

            Thanks for getting back to me. Yeah, I don't really want to block emails for the whole week. but won't be in the office on Tuesday or Wednesday, and the drips the smart campaings i have set up run a 12 week cycle starting on Tuesdays and Thursday, so I don't want to send out emails asking for meetings, when I am not in the office to forward them out to my sales team!