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    Send Marketo Email in Salesforce

      Hey All,

      I am looking to make 15+ emails available to sales to send out via Sales Insight in Salesforce. I have done it in the past and know how make the emails available, but I was wondering if anyone has any good ideas on how to make this better organized. Currently if I publish the emails to Sales Insight the way I currently have it set up in my instance the reps would have to click thru many folders.

      It would look something like this:

      ---->Case Studies
      --------->Case Study #1
      ------------------>Email for Case Study #1
      --------->Case Study #2
      ------------------>Email for Case Study #2
      --------->Case Study #3
      ------------------>Email for Case Study #3

      Etc.... My goal is to reduce barriers, clicks and make it easy to use.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks for the help,