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Documented Marketo mObject Types are invalid

Question asked by 76290ebb904ab426bf7ea8a2c23ea961981e6fc1 on Jan 8, 2014
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Hi all,

The SOAP 2.2 API fails with the message (e.g): "Unknown MObject type 'LeadRecord' when using the documented types with a Soap Client Query. Is there a full list of valid types, please?

Thanks for taking the time to read the question!

I've been working with API briefly to query mObjects, which requries specifying the type of Marketo Object desired within the request for the object(s). The API tells me some of the types given in the documentation are not valid. The documentation states that there are four valid values for mObject type:

NOTE: There are four supported types of MObjects: LeadRecord, Activity, Opportunity, and OpportunityPersonRole. 

     However, actually using the API (coding a client), an error is returned when using the following values for the type:
"LeadRecord", "Activity", "Asset", "Email" "ActivityRecord", "Lead".
     For example:
          ["faultstring"] =>  string(20) "MObject type unknown"
          -> string(33) "Unknown MObject type 'LeadRecord'"
     ->  string(37) "Unknown MObject type 'ActivityRecord'"
     ->  etc

     Oddly, it seems that "Program" is a valid type, although it's not documented as such. Opportunity and OpportunityPersonRole (see list above) are both valid.

Does anyone please know a full list of the correct values for mObject type? Particularly, I'm interested in retrieving Campaigns, Emails, other Assets and Smart Lists through the API.
Also, although it probably won't be possible, does anyone please know if it's possible to retrieve a list of folders, or to query  a list of mObjects contained within a folder? Thanks!

The Marketo Documentation simply states: See MObject summary for supported types.
However the MObjectSummary page does not list this information.