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    Emails going to spam box

      Hi All, 
      I'm new to Marketo, and this is my company's first email campaign in Marketo. We are starting out very simply - confirmation emails from our web forms. Unfortunately I just tested the emails on some personal email accounts, and 3 out of 5 of the GMail addresses went straight to the Spam box. 

      What can be causing this? Anyone else had trouble with emails going to spam when starting out? I'm scratching my head over this because the email is not at all "spammy" - just text, a button, and an image.

      Any help you can give is greatly appreciated!
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          Josh Hill

          Did you setup DKIM/SPF? If not, do that first.

          If you did, then ask Marketo Support to investigate if your shared IP has any issues. If your domain was previously marked as spam by alot of people, then Gmail is going to block you.

          Also, did you use the Email Test function or actually run a real email to @gmail.com addresses? Tests often do show up in spam, while "real" emails may not.
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            Yes, we set up DKIM/SPF. These emails are personal, not affiliated with our IP or company domain, so is that still a factor?

            Also, we ran a real email to @gmail addresses, not using the test function. But it's good to know that tests may go to spam.

            Our company was blacklistsed a year or two ago due to one of our computers contracting a virus and sent out a lot of bad emails, but we have changed our domain since then. Could that be the cause, even if it's a different domain?

            I will definitely turn to Marketo Support to look into our shared IP as well. 

            Thanks for your feedback!!