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    Visited Web Page

    Richard Wasylynchuk

      I'm setting up some interesting moments as well as program status changes based on viewing web pages on our website.

      When I add the campaign and trigger to say webpage IS and put the url I get the red squiggle underline saying the entry isn't valid. If I put contains then it seems to work however it doesn't appear when we test that the trigger works.

      Is "contains" a valid handler for the URL?
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          Kenny Elkington
          Hey Richard,

          If this is an external page, you're probably prepending the URL with 'http://'.  Visits Web Page require that the protocol be removed fom the beginning of the URL so instead of http://www.example.com I would put www.example.com into the trigger.  If this is a Marketo LP, though you'll need to use the name of the landing page in your instance instead of the URL.