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    Tracking conversion rates when using ad_source= token

      Hi all, 

      New Marketo user here. I'm begininng to use the dynamic url builder within Marketo to tag landing pages with the channel they are being promoted on, such as my blog, various social channels, etc. My goal is to get a granualr view of how the same landing page is converting in different channels over a period of time.  

      I have a basic landing page performance report that shows me the cumulative data for each landing page, which is great. Now I'm looking for the same data but broken out by tag/channel.

      Is there a report that will show me visits/conversions/conversion % for each individual landing page url by channel? 

      Here is an example url I shared to twitter and want to see views/conversions from Twitter only: http://pages.backupify.com/Guide-to-External-Mail-Server-Setup-in-Google-Apps.html?ad_source=203

      Any help would be appreciated - thanks!