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    Different data in Marketo and SFDC

      Hi all, I'm trying to narrow down some data issues and am trying to pull a list of everyone in our Marketo database that is NOT in Salesforce.. I tried running SFDC type is not (all SFDC types) which pulled a big list, but when I did some spot checks, all those on the list were actually IN SFDC. 

      Just trying to clean up some dirty data. Any thoughts?
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          Hi Michelle,
          The best way to pull this list is to use either the "SFDC Type is empty" or the "SFDC Created Date is empty" . 
          This should be more accurate than SFDC Type is not

          If you still seem to be pulling leads in SFDC, I would make sure there are not duplicates, one lead who is in SFDC and one who is not.

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            Hi Michelle,

            I think it depends on how fields of SFDC are mapped with Marketo fields.

            The alternative filter could be, 'Lead Source.'  In the dropdown you will be able to see all the lead sources. You might want to check which lead sources are configured with your SFDC and which are not and then adjust the filter settings to eliminate all the sources from SFDC. 

            Also, if you have uplaoded the leads list directly to marketo via a CSV file or manually created the the lead with no mention of lead source then you can use the same filter, 'Lead Source' and the source is Empty'. But again this might not be a good solution if you have selected the Lead source in the uploaded file which is similar to what is configured in SFDC.

            Hope this is of some help to some extent.
            Thanks & Regards,
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              One other thing you may need to filter on is "deleted from SFDC" when leads are deleted from SFDC the Marketo custom field "SFDC type" does not update.