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    Tracking Campaign results

           Hi there... I am relatively new to Marketo and recently sent an email campaign which included filters to track who 'opened', clicked' and filled out our form. 

           What is the best way to view these stats? Am especially interested to see who filled out the form.  

           I checked the 'results' tab in each smart campaign but no data.

           So then I started perusing the Analytics tab  ... but not getting detailed info, with names of who did what.

           Also is there a way to automate this process so when someone fills in a form, I would get notified?

           Thank you.

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          If you are interested in seeing general stats you can click on the smart campaign and then click the "Email" tab which will show you open rates etc.

          If you want to know status on a person by person basis, then smart lists are a good option for you.

          For the form fill out specifically, you can make a smart list with the filter "Filled Out Form" and then for the "Form name is:" put the name of the specific form you want to see. If the form was/is accessible outside of the email link then you might want to filter for "Clicked Link in Email" to show only those that came directly from the email itself.

          Concerning notifications when someone fills out a form, that's definitely doable and pretty simple.

          Just create a new smart campaign->apply the 'trigger' filter of "Fills out Form", put the name of the form you want in there->Go to the Flow and drag in the "Send Alert" field. This will send a specific alert email to you (or whoever else you want to see this information) about what happened.

          You will need to create a local asset email for this.
          You can drag in tokens to show the relevant info you want to see! (the image for tokens looks like quotations on a chalkboard in the email editor).

          Hope this helps!
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            Thanks very much, Caleb.

            When I set up the form, I included the filter for 'filled out form' but where do I track the results of who filled this out? Sorry maybe I am misunderstanding...
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                Keith Nyberg

                You do not track who filled out the form in the marketing activities side unless you've built a smart campaign  that says. Smart List = Trigger.Filled Out Form -> Flow = Add lead to List. Then you could see 1 list of who has filled the form. THe person who responded before me was recommending the easier alternative of creating a smart list of anyone who has filled out the form you mentioned. Also, there are no filters on Forms, only in Smart Lists/Smart Campaigns, and Transition Rules so what you wrote above is pretty confusing.

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                    Hi Keith,


                    I have been facing something similar. I do set smart campaign triggers for my email programs.


                    In the results of email program (within marketing activities ) I end up seeing only "sent" and not the delivered, bounced, clicked.


                    for example for an email program, to see the leads who have opened, in marketing activities-


                    I created smart campaign called : delivered


                    smart list- email is delivered (i choose the email used)

                    smart flow- change program status - sent email was delivered


                    However, when i try to see to the members it doesnt show anything.


                    using a different way however by creating a smart list with the same trigger does show the members but I am not able to see their status as "delivered". I can still only see "sent".


                    Can you pls advise what can be the issue. Any guidance would be really appreciated.


                    Looking forward to your response.

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                        Keith Nyberg

                        Hi Anita,


                        It sounds like you built a triggered smart campaign after sending the email. Trigger campaigns run real time, meaning if you sent the email in the past none of the delivered results will show in the campaign because it will only capture emails delivered in the future. You can fix your program membership by running a 1 time batch for each program status. Rather that using the "Email is Delivered" trigger, use the "Email was Delivered" filter. This batch campaign will look for any records that were delivered the email in the past, and if you run it, will action the flow steps you have designated. If you run each batch campaign once, all of your members should show in the smart campaigns and in your program if you have program membership in your flow steps.


                        Does this make sense? Happy to explain more or jump on a quick call to assist you if I am not understanding your issues correctly.



                        Keith Nyberg

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