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Year end Lead Report

Question asked by af56efbbce2268d1106bf7d90fdd5fa235f6bf4d on Dec 11, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2013 by Kerry Langstaff
I want to run a year end report in Marketo to gauge how many leads that participated in our campaigns this year were actually won as a direct result of email campaigns or interaction with a marketo form. I am aware of all the reporting options but not quite sure how to make it THAT specific. 

Because we use Salesforce, I am sort of worried that a lead could get entered in Salesforce from the salesteam— sync down to marketo — and get marked as won, all without ever participating in our lead nurtures. 

It almost seems like I would want to use "opened email" in the smart list of this report?

Any ideas on how this kind of report might be achieved? It might be really obvious :-)