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    PDF Download Programs/Campaigns

      I have a few different PDF's that we're using for lead gen in a number of places. Some are currently a part of our nurture stream and others are on our website, but I am planning to include them as part of a CTA link/image in our blog as well. What is the best practice around structuring program folders and campaigns for materials used in multiple places to ensure accurate/detailed tracking? I'm thinking I should create a Blog CTA Program folder and then clone any/all campaigns for available downloads in there to make sure I can track the success of those versus the pdfs in the nurture program or on our website, but want to make sure I'm not overcomplicating set-up. Thanks in advance!
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          Josh Hill
          I like your first approach.

          It depends on how you want to report: Content Based or Channel Based.

          Channel based creates more programs and is harder to easily reorg to show Content Based ROI, that is "Did my PDF do X?"

          Content Based is probably more complicated. If you did it right, everything would be attributable to Content Program.