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    Assigning newly created leads to Queues in Saleforce


           When a lead fills out a form, I push to Salesforce with the following flow:

           - If inferred Country equals United Kingdon (Example) then assign ownership to EMEA Queue.

           The lead is created and synced to Salesforce, but no alert is sent by Salesforce to the Queue.  

           I am thinking because the lead is being assigned to a queue before reaching Salesforce, that Salesforce is not triggering an email to the queue members. And yes, the button send to queue members is checked.

           I know I can do some work arounds to make this work, but I am trying to keep it simple and for the Salesforce piece to work as expected.

           Anyon else have this issue with assignments to queue from Marketo?



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          Edward Masson
          Are you sending the alert from Marketo flow?
          Alerts can't be sent to Queue, only lead/contact owners. I found that out a number of years ago.

          As our Trial downloads are like the 'Contact me now' We tend to sync to SFDC and allow SFDC to auto-assign to queues. Then our flow step will create a tasks for lead/contact owners then an alert if there was an existing lead or contact downloading a trial/filling out the trail form.

          Tasks and alerts always fail if a lead is not owned by a lead owner.