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    Merging Anonymous Lead with non-anonymous record


      I have a lead which was sync'ed from salesforce (let's call him John Q).  He has filled in a non-marketo form on my web site, so I know exactly who he is, and where he was at 8:00 AM last Wednesday.  

      I have an anonymous lead in marketo (we'll just call it X).  X has the 33 pages that John Q visited during his 8:00 AM jaunt, but, of course, doesn't know who X is, because no marketo form has been filled out.

      I want to get these two leads (X and John Q) merged into one lead, so that I have the 33 web pages from X attributed properly to John Q.

      There was an idea posted to simply add the email to X that matches, then run a de-dup list, pick the two leads, and merge them.  

      This does not work, I THINK because the anonymous leads won't show up in the smart list, even if they fit the bill.

      Any ideas on how I can either:
      A) Merge these leads another way
      B) Turn "Is Anonymous" to False for X

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          You'll need to create a Smart List with 3 filters:
          1.           Is Anonymous is True
          2.           Is Anonymous is False
          3.           Email address is johnq@example.com
          Then use Custom Filter logic to say:

          (1 or 2) and 3

          I have tested this functionality in production, and it does allow both known and anonymous leads to appear in the same Smart List.  You can merge the records then.
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            Jep Castelein
            Chris, if your non-Marketo form has Munchkin code installed and can capture the Marketo cookie in a SFDC custom field, then you can automate this merge process using Webhooks (available on all editions, except Spark). Details in this document

            •           Put munchkin on the page with the non-Marketo form
            •           Use JavaScript to capture the Marketo Cookie ID (_mkt_trk) in a hidden field
            •           Save this cookie ID in a custom SFDC field that is synced with Marketo
            •           Cookie ID syncs to Marketo via this custom field
            •           Webhook will associate the Cookie ID with the known lead records by filling out a Marketo form in the background