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    Amber Hobson
      We are starting our annual customer satisfaction survey and we currently use SurveyMonkey. We really want to send the emails out of Marketo to our clients simply because it is much easier to brand and get the look that we want. But, we want to take advantage of being able to send a unique URL to each client so that we can more easily track who has filled out the survey. Can I import a list into SurveyMonkey to get unique URLs and then export it to upload into Marketo? (Provided I create a custom field for it.) I was just wondering if anyone has done this and if it will work. Thanks!
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          You can have Marketo generate personal URLs (PURLs) for you.  The Enable Personalized URLs for Your Account and Export a List with Personalized URLs help articles explain this.
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            This is probably after the fact for the original post - but for any other Marketo users doing searches around September 2013 - we just sent a link to a SurveyMonkey survey through email - with tracking links enabled, and it broke the link. Grrr. Engineering is aware of the problem and working on it - here's the response I got from support. But if you are doing SurveyMonkey surveys with invites from Marketo - you might want to disable tracking for the short term.

                                                                   My name is Raul and I am taking ownership of this case. Due to the new shorter tracking links, there is an issue with appending our tracking links to surveymonkey.com. This is an issue that engineering is currently working on fixing. 
                                                                   An immediate workaround right now is to resend the emails with the link to Survey Monkey disabled for tracking. This article will walk you through the process: http://community.marketo.com/MarketoArticle?id=kA050000000KyqCCAS 
                                                                   The downside to this is that you will not be able to track activity to this link. However, because it is a survey, you can check the activity via the results in your survey.