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Inflated pages views on Google Analytics after installing Marketo Munchkin code?

Question asked by 32860 on May 31, 2013
Latest reply on May 31, 2013 by 33699
Hey all - we're having an issue with Google Analytics on our blogs since we installed the Marketo Munchkin code.  Pageviews are about 3x what we would normally see, while visitors is still in line with trend/expectation.

Outside of that, I often use a tool called Ghostery to check the cookies that companies are placing on my machine - it can show, for example, when the Marketo Munchkin code is installed on a website.  Now, we I go to our core website ( everything seems fine - and the Google Analytics code works fine there as well.

But when I go to our blog (, I don't see the Marketo Munchkin code as being installed - and the data isn't going into the Marketo database.

Could the items be related?

Any thoughts appreciated!