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    Salesforce Sych Question

      How can you Marketo sych with Salesforce.com without taking over all the leads?  Has anyone done this before without doing custom work in Salesforce.com? I was able to do this with a previous marketing automation system.
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          Josh Hill
          Hi Wendy,

          There are quite a few threads on this. The best way seems to be to restrict the records and data your SFDC Marketo User can see. It's not always custom work in SFDC.

          If you did not want Marketo to push leads to SFDC, that's easy - just make sure your master sync campaign has specific MQL criteria before syncing to SFDC. Of course with the Programs linked to SFDC Campaigns, you'll find more leads syncing over. You can control this by setting up SFDC Lead Queues and setting the Auto Assignment rules to push leads into holding pens where Sales won't see them.
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            Hi Josh, 

            I appreciate your advice.   We have just implemented SFDC and we don't want some of the leads that were uploaded in SFDC to sych with Marketo.  I will search look for threads to see how to restrict the records and data my SFDC Marketo user can see.

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              Hi Wendy,

              What leads/contacts will be synced over to Marketo from SFDC entirely depends on how you have set up the Marketo user in SFDC to handle the flow of data between Marketo and SFDC. Whatever records this user can see Marketo can see.

              If you have a public sharing model in SFDC then it is very likely that all users will be able to see all records therefore Marketo will sync all records. If you have a private sharing model then only the record owner and users above the owner in the role hierarchy should have access to the record. (Exceptions can be created via Sharing rules)

              We created a video on this subject that goes through step-by-step how you would need to limit the records that Marketo can see.