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Using form/landing page for registering WITHOUT tracking?

Question asked by 6001f10a094b23fb44c277c835a1e9e96059b7c7 Expert on Jan 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2015 by Josh Hill

Does anyone know of a way of using a marketo form on a non-marketo page to collect lead information WITHOUT tracking them?

Use case: Our team in Australia are running a partner event, and we want to register people on the door. They dont have access to tablets so cannot use the app, and they want to have a laptop open with our registration page and have people complete this before entering. The problem being we dont want that machine to cookie those leads, as any future activity on that computer will incorrectly be associated to a number of leads.

We are using a non marketo page (with munchkin code) and a global form. If we remove the munchkin code from the page will this work? and will doing this correctly create the lead?