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    change email content mid-flow?

      I'm creating a nurture campaign and I want to occaisionally update the emails with new information about product updates. 

      If I add a few steps or modify/put in a new email in already existing steps, how will this affect the flow? 

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          How you design your nurturing program will determine whether you can edit the flow in midstream without incident.  You should clone the program and run tests to be certain.
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            Don Mayberry
            Generally if at all possible you don't want to modify emails that are live while leads are in the flow of a campaign using it. However the latest approved email version is always sent out, so as long as your well ahead of a lead passing through you should be fine. 

            Modifying steps in a campaign typically are a challenge when modifying wait steps, The waitstep setting at the time the lead entered will stay in effect. So you'll need to be aware, if modifying waitsteps while leads are in the flow
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              Does this mean that I can activate a campaign with 3 emails (for example) each with a wait 10 days step and add a URL to the last email after there are leads in the first wait step? 

              I dont have a finalized URL for something going out in the last email. Basically I want to know If I can launch the campaign anyways and add the URL to the final email later ?

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                Don Mayberry

                Correct, it's not the ideal scenario but it can be done....generally in a perfect world all is well planned and there are no changes...right?

                Running a campaign does not snap shot flow steps, so additional updates can be made and will take effect at the time you change them for leads who have not reached that step.