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    Media Queries?

      Has anyone had any success with media queries on landing pages? Or even just getting things to be responsive in terms of percentages of width?

      I'm trying to build a very basic mobile-friendly template but with everything being taken out of the DOM not having a lot of luck. Looking for ideas...
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          Our LP designer uses absolute positioning of elements, which means that even when you use a responsive template, the mobile version will not adapt to smaller (mobile) screen sizes.  We are working actively to fix this problem and plan to enhance out LP designer support responsive LP templates before the end of 2013.  In the meantime, you have two options -
          1.           Handcraft the LP using HTML and not use our drag-n-drop LP designer, or
          2.           we have a service offering, where our consultants will work with you to create a mobile design of any LP that you have.  
          The story is a lot better for responsive email templates.  We support them today and even have 1 responsive email template in our program library which is available to ALL customers.  We will be adding another 20 (or more) email templates in early Q3 2013.

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            Thanks Raj, that's what I thought. Can't wait to see adpotion of responsive templates.
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              Hi, Ryan!

              Solution found and posted! We created some responsive Marketo templates with some instructions on how to use and implement it all. One is tokenized (and requires minimal knowledge of HTML), while the other is blank. Both are responsive, and go through some of how to create responsive landing pages.

              Here's a responsive page we created in Marketo's editor as an example: http://resources.yesler.com/responsive-marketo-landing-page-template.html

              The best part is that this way (using a Marketo doublediv wrap) you can still use your dynamic snippets, forms, and everything. Things don't have to be as hard-coded as just using a singular HTML element on the landing page.

              Let me know what you think!

              Edward Unthank
              SEO/Web Specialist